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Emotions I'm trying to Find...

here i go again...


Wither my thoughts
Destroy my mind
Smother the emotion
I'm trying to find
Lost in trepidation
Begging, Supplication
Tear me away from the life, Sullen and dark
Save me please, Revoke the pain in my heart
Look not upon me in calamity
Stifle the noise, The revelry
In a tumult I strive to be placid
Your thoughts and words are acid
Dripping on my restive skin
Draw it back, Give me restitution within
Pity me not, Suffer me none
I am unpreturbed by your immolation
This thudding pain opiates my soul
Allow me no obstination, Nothing is unbearable
Be not fretful, Faulter none
Death is my resurrection
Do you condone my illusions?
Or are you armed with a sword of discontent?
I am devoid of contrition
You are but an obsolete vexation
Solace me not, I will wrench free of your grip
I will be no servant to your whip
Save me from this inarticulate world
It is ridden with tremulous souls
It is all a reiterated, never-ending succession
The race is precluded and precarious
There is ferocity without so much a feigned interest
Minds are broken, Thoughts incredulous
Death is painful, Dreams are ominous
The world is harsh
Inexorable, you are overly garish
Save me from my dark, Deteriorating mind
Help me seek the emotions I'm trying to find

Just thinking alot about things every aspect of my life and how i need to change certain things about myself...and about adam and how i feel towards that situation and everything horrible...and this one feeling that someone gives me that makes everything okay again and completely makes it all worth while. I hope he realizes how much he means to me...
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