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For What its Worth...

No matter how many times you have attempted to reason with some people, they are set in their own delusions and habitual mannerisms, acting with no regard to how their actions affect the thoughts and feelings of those around them. It saddens me to look on the situation, perceiving the madness from all possible angles only to come to one conclusion, the only possible conclusion that can be rightfully drawn. Everyone changes in some way or another over time. Some people drastically change, assuming an alter ego for some time until their former self becomes lost among the memories of yesteryear. Other people change slightly, a difference only recognizable to those who have remained closest to that individual. Some people never change in their thoughts, ideas or behaviors but the environment around them does. They remain the same, or at least satisfyingly similar, to what they have always been, and they grow comfortable with what they are surrounded by. This rigidness inhibits the accepting nature towards change and isolates the individual from what is different but not necessarily worse. Changes occur naturally but not methodically. We can't always control the outcomes of our smallest everyday choices that work towards shaping our character. Those things we do not define ourselves by do not hesitate to define us. But these transformations must be embraced and enjoyed for the same value for which former changes were enjoyed. Life is too short to wish upon a star for the yesterdays to remain. Embrace the differences of today, enjoy the time you have with everyone, regardless of how they compare to who they were a month ago, and remember that just when you are growing comfortable with your life something will change. You can regard the change as something that screwed up the good times in your life, or you can realize you have no choice but to move onward, enjoying every day moreso than your last. Nothing is real and nothing lasts. If you aren't just going to enjoy what you have and who you share it with, at least have the decency not to screw everything up for everyone else...
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