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Winters of Eternity.....


It had never felt cold before
twirling barefoot through the falling snow
dressed in nothing but the safety of your eyes
maybe their warmth was keeping me from falling
can angels feel the bitterness of winter

I never meant to fall from your graces
but these wings could not hold me through the winter squall
they tattered so easily the moment you looked away
leaving me naked in agony on the harsh cold ground
can innocence ever be returned to the broken hearted child

I never had to walk so far
raw calloused feet trip and tare against icy death
making it through the endlessness of eternity to show you
show you I could be strong I could be deserving
can the wandering soul ever return home

I never felt so relieved in all this frigid horror
as when these feet finally gave way at your side
and I saw in those eyes once more the safety
safe warmth that should have never been questioned
to make me fall down from your arms
and I can make it through all these winters
surviving on your love
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