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All Things Left....


Dark night has pushed the imagery of hope from the dusk
Long passed with blind eyes I embark on this abyss of all things left
The candle and the wick
A part of me melted with the wax that's strewn in the puddle of tears and blood
The twinkle of life in my eyes
Left to flicker in the pale sky like stars that swallow my voice
Grace of butterflies and dreams of sun and warmth
That burned cold and froze the air in my lungs
In my chest
My heart beat with every intention of letting me die
Potential failure in this clenched jaw
In the hollowness of the still
Let me wallow in this chasm of cruelty
This moment, dark shed its shadow on me

A fragment of time
And the ember glowed and was smothered
By the damp air that kissed my tears as I wept
And the finality of all things left
Every sliver of the hour, on the clock, that ticked, its seconds that never stopped
Time would never cease
And this death was almost on the brink of new life
And new dawn, then night still drowns in old ideals
The integrity that spills over tainted glass and spills like sweat on my brow
Forsaken this day
Charred with the ash of false security that's burned
Its smoke choking at the innocence of my confined thoughts
Solitude and still all things left
Dealt my losing deal and my bet, my life
Then pounce and take it from me without restraint
Leave me and a gasped beg for breath
I have nothing left but my vigilance to fail and my deception to succeed
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